Why “Youth Can” program is important?

The program “Youth Can” founders, the Kazickas family, wish to create a better world for both current and future generations of  Lithuanians. „Youth Can“ program working in Lithuania‘s remote small towns and villages teaches children life skills, enables them to discover their talents, motivates them to succeed and guides them through challenging situations.

How do „Youth Can“ participants‘ parents feel about the program?

We introduce new column where children‘s parents share their opinion, ideas and concerns in order to help make „Youth Can“ program better.

“ I’m glad that my daughter participates in “Youth Can” program, because it gives children opportunity to do sports, teaches them the right values, event planning and communication skills. “Youth Can” provides a chance to explore their creativity and gives tools to build a team. This program teaches how to build confidence, develop a sense of responsibility, helps to reach for your goals, fosters honesty, teamwork and creativity. Thanks to the program, my daughter learned how to work in a team, how to plan her work and time in order to accomplish the tasks. This program helps her while choosing her future career path and teaches her necessary skills. Teamwork, quality time and life skills – are the most valuable program‘s benefits.“  –  Program participant‘s Dad Vitas

“ This program provides many great opportunities and a chance to participate in fun activities in small towns. The program teaches various life skills. I‘ve just heard of “Youth Can” program this year, but I already see quite a difference in children – the way they interact, share experiences, and are eager to show off their talents! Thanks to this program we realize how much youth can do and what a talented new generation it is! I believe this program can do anything and it will always help and guide children the right direction. The benefits are huge! Children have learned not just how to express themselves, have  healthy discussions and arguments, but also how to work in a team and have a great time.“ – Program participant‘s Mom Edita

“ “Youth Can” is truly valuable for children. Nowadays, children spend most of the time in front of the screens, but this program encourages them to move, do sports. It is especially crucial in more remote areas, where children don‘t have access to after-school clubs, sports centers, and no opportunities to attend them elsewhere. This program also helps to discover children‘s talents, leadership skills, some of them might discover dance, others – passion to organize activities. They learn teamwork, ways to help each other. While on task, they develop their creativity and sense of responsibility that will help them in the future reaching for their goals. They motivate each other. It is great to see parents getting involved sometimes as well. Everything is beneficial for children: sports, talks on various topics, events, camps, trips, seminars. This program creates opportunities for new friendships, memorable experiences and opens wider paths for the future. Thank You, entire “Youth Can” team, for the amazing opportunities for my daughters.“ – Participant‘s Mom Eglė

The program not just encourages children to do sports and motivates them, but it also helps their parents to develop their children’s potential, teaches them life skills and builds confidence!

Author of the article: Eglė Žilinskaitė

Translation: Flex alumni, Gintaute Genender

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