“Youth Can” Summer Challenge

Kazickas Family Foundation and the program “Youth Can” invites everyone to participate in a summer challenge which will take part in all Lithuania June 26th – August 31st, 2019.


To promote physical activity and increase social activeness of youth during the summer.


  1. To promote volunteering;
  2. Increase youth involvement in community activities;
  3. To enable young people to spend their summer holidays actively and meaningfully.


  1. Location – all over Lithuania (and not only);
  2. Start of the challenge – 26th June 2019 12:00pm
  3. End of the challenge – 30th August 2019 12:00pm
  4. Anyone with good health can participate in the challenge.
  5. Participants will have to follow their physical activity on created Endomondo app challenge (eg.: run km, swim km, bike km);
  6. Participants will have to accomplish 10 social challenges, and send to the organizer written description, photos, videos or other visual prove of accomplished challenge


Week 1 Challenge – Invite as many friends as possible to join this summer challenge. The one who will be most creative and original with the invitation will be rewarded with T-shirt and sunglasses;

Week 2 Challenge – This week on July 6th we will celebrate King Mindaugas Crowning Day. The challenge of this week is to bring together family / friends / neighbors and capture the moment when everyone is singing the anthem together;

Week 3 Challenge – Cut grass for your neighbor / friend / teacher / senior. (capture the moment when cutting the grass, including the neighbor in the photo frame);

Week 4 Challenge – The challenge of this week is to collect a 30L bag of rubbish (in a forest, in a village, in a city). Capture yourself with a collected garbage bag;

Week 5 Challenge – The challenge of this weeks is to help the elderly (this can be any help for the elderly). Capture the moment you help;

Week 6 Challenge – Sort and recycle waste at home or create a poster that emphasizes the importance of recycling and hang it on a bulletin board (capture a hanging poster or sorted waste);

Week 7 Challenge – Read a book and share it with a friend / neighbor / teacher and so on. (record the moment of reading and sharing the book);

Week 8 Challenge – “Who will not have a bouquet of herbs on the day of the Grass, the devil will strike his tail in the palm of his hand,” says folklore. The challenge for this week is to prepare your bouquet of herbs and capture it (give it to your mothers, sisters, friends, etc.);

Week 9 Challenge – At least 5 days of this week you’ll have to overcome the 10,000-step limit (download the pedometer gadget on your phone and capture the number of steps you walked each day);

Week 10 Challenge – Write a 200-word text about experience of participating in this challenge and implementing tasks. Share text and the photo you like best on Facebook and Instagram accounts adding #jaunimasgali #vasarosissukis.

Follow the news – http://www.youthcan.lt, and Youth on Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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